Current News

New Warehouse

GPK Products, Inc. / Indiana Seal is pleased to announce the addition of GOC South in the state of North Carolina to our warehouse network.  GOC South brings an experienced sales team and extensive inventory to their local warehouse.

April 2018 GPK Rigid Fitting Price Increase

Due to various cost increases, GPK Products, Inc. will implement a 7% price increase on all rigid PVC sewer fittings effective April 9, 2018. This price increase does not currently affect list prices for GPK Drain Products or Indiana Seal coupling prices. New list prices will be available shortly at New price books will be distributed when available. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager with any questions. Thank you for your continued support.

April 2018 Adobe pdf and Excel version price pages now available in the downloads section. 

2017 Price Increase

Hurricane Harvey is having a significant impact on the PVC supply chain.  We have begun to see increases in resin and pipe prices.  As a result of these increases, we find it necessary to increase our GPK Products sewer fittings list prices by 15%.  The effective date will be October 30, 2017.

New Florida Representation

GPK Products, Inc. / Indiana Seal is pleased to announce Specified Sales Associates is our rep in the state of Florida (excluding Panhandle West of the Apalachicola River).  Specified Sales Associates brings an experienced sales team and will inventory at their local warehouses.

New 12" Molded items & other sizes

We are pleased to announce the addition of 12” molded items to our product line.  In addition we are adding a couple 4” - 10” molded items.  We have begun putting these items into production and will complete the project over the next few weeks.

If requested we can still manufacture these parts in the same fabricated style as made in the past, please specify “fabricated” when ordering.

New SDR35 items                                                                        New SDR26 items

103-0124             12x4 SDR35 TEE GXGXG                 907-0088          8” SDR26 HWS WYE GXGXG

103-0126             12X6 SDR35 TEE GXGXG                 H911-0004       4” SDR26 HWS CAP H

107-0124             12X4 SDR35 WYE GXGXG               H911-0006       6” SDR26 HWS CAP H

107-0126             12X6 SDR35 WYE GXGXG               H911-0008       8” SDR26 HWS CAP H

121-0012             12” 45 BEND GXG                            H911-0010     10” SDR26 HWS CAP H   

122-0012             12” 45 BEND GXS                             H911-0012      12” SDR26 HWS CAP H

221-0012             12” 45 BEND HXH                           

222-0012             12” 45 BEND HXS                                            NEW SCH40 DWV items

123-0012             12” 90 BEND GXG                            321-0012             12” 45 BEND DWV HXH

124-0012             12” 90 BEND GXS                             322-0012             12” 45 BEND DWV HXS

223-0012             12” 90 BEND HXH                             323-0012             12” 90 BEND DWV HXH

224-0012             12” 90 BEND HXS                             324-0012             12” 90 BEND DWV HXS

231-0006H          6” DWV SP X SDR35 H BUSHING

Drainage Products Announcement

GPK Products is pleased to announce additions to our Drainage Product line. Our Drainage Product line will now include custom made Drain Basins to fit corrugated HDPE, Inline Drains, and Riser Extensions. Along with the addition of corrugated HDPE outlets, we have also added the option of ordering the Drain Basins and Inline Drains with Grates. The Drainage Product line and Wastewater Access Chamber line will now be printed together as separate price pages from the GPK fitting line.

Price lists and submittal information is available on our website “Downloads” section. Discounts will be provided by your local GPK Products, Inc. / Indiana Seal representative, for immediate quotations please call 1-800-437-4670.

February 2015 List Prices now Avaialble to Download

The February 2, 2015 list prices are now available to download in Excel or Adobe pdf formats.

They are available in the downloads section of our website.